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Aida Azin

Aida Azin is a painter, community organiser, and art facilitator based in Melbourne on the land of the Wurundjeri people. 

Born to Iranian/Filipina parents and raised in an Australian context, Aida’s artistic practice advocates conversations within and across communities about shame as a failing political tool, second-generation migrant guilt, racism, whiteness, dreams, identity, food, and culture.

Aida is a collaborating artist and organiser in ‘Saluhan’ collective, an ongoing art project that creates space for and fosters connections between artists within the Philippines and artists within Filipinx diasporas across Australia.

Since 2014 Aida has been exhibiting visual art and installations regularly.

A tribute to Maria Orosa

Aida Azin

Food Hero

Maria Ylagan Orosa invented Banana Ketchup. 

MYO B. 1892 D. 1945 Taal, Batangas

food technologist

Also invented Soyalac – nutrient rich drink

and Darak rice cookies with B1

Food preservation. self sufficiency. youth development. raise chickens. preserve local produce. plan healthy meals. 

Invented the Palayok oven (clay oven) for people to be able to cook without electricity

Created recipes by using local produce; cassava, banana, coconut.

Wine and calamansi nip

preservation: Adobo, dinuguan, kilawin, escabeche.

Joined guerilla group, helped the US against the Japanese troops. Died during an air raid by the Americans.

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