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Florence Folole Tupuola

Florence Folole Tupuola is a Polynesian woman born in Aotearoa, who grew up on Wiradjuri peoples land (Regional New South Wales) as a first-generation migrant/settler from Samoa (Siumu and Vailima). Folole advocates for cultural resilience and artistic healing with and for Oceania and brings to light mental well-being, activism and decolonisation as a young Pacific diaspora youth in so called ‘Australia’.

Workshop 2: Climate Justice Work Centred on Traditional Practices and Knowledges
Florence Folole Tupuola

Monday 6th September 2021, 5.30pm – 7pm

Florence used object-based storytelling to talk about her practice. In a conversational manner, the session focused on continuous learning and focuessed on the way traditional practice and knowledges are the key way in which she centres her climate justice work.

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