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Katerina Martina Teaiwa

Katerina Teaiwa is Associate Professor at the College of Asia and the Pacific’s School of Culture, History & Language at The Australian National University.  

With a background in Anthropology and Pacific Islands Studies, her research looks at the histories of phosphate mining in the central Pacific. It focuses on the movement of Banaban rock and the complex relations created by the mining, shipping, production, and consumption of superphosphate and ensuing commodities. 

Workshop 7: Genealogies
Katerina Teaiwa

Monday 4th April 2022, 5.30pm – 6.30pm

In this workshop, Katerina Teaiwa led a discussion with our k(not) artists of the importance of coming to understand and approach the complex genealogies that sit across kinship, blood, spiritual, relational that we both bring with us and that rest upon this landspace.

Katerina is academic and researcher at the Australian National University. Katerina’s research into British, Australian and New Zealand phosphate mining in the central Pacific highlights the interlocking ways in which colonisation and extraction by countries such as ‘Australia’ quite literally removes the land from under Indigenous peoples to build these colonial nation states.


‘The workshop run by Katerina Teaiwa was tremendously valuable in clarifying to myself my location in place, who I am, what my arts practice is, what my work can be, and the journeys taken by both my ancestors and my art form. It was inspiring to hear about her work, and how she operates from a framework of Pacifika values even when she’s in a ‘mainstream’ (white) Australian institution. It inspired me to think about how I can similarly work from within my own cultural values.’

— Raina Peterson, k(not) 2021 participating artist

Installation view, Project Banaba, by Katerina Teaiwa, curated by Yuki Kihara. Photo by Sam Hartnett. Te Uru Waitakere, 2022.

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